Back Stage!! Vol. 1

Eiki Eiki, Zaou Taishi, & Amano Kazuki

Sagara Rei thinks he's got his whole life together, working as the capable manager of the popular Sena Productions--but what exactly is his relationship with the eldest son of the Sena family, popular indies band member Sena Shougo...?


Book Description

Despite his rough upbringing, Sagara Rei has found some measure of stability in his life as the capable manager and caretaker for the Sena family and their entertainment agency, Sena Productions. But dealing with old feelings better off forgotten and new feelings he’s not sure how to confront threatens to disrupt Rei’s otherwise perfect life. How much longer can he stand up against the eager, fervent attentions of the Sena family’s eldest son and lead vocalist of the popular band ‘The Crusherz’, Sena Shougo…?